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3D Nail Art Designs

Feb. 28, 2014 No Comments Posted under: Nail Art, Trends

Trends keep on changing, they never remain same. Girls have always been very concious about beauty. The beauty is not only limited to the beauty of face but it includes beauty of entire personality.
Trends are changing and so are the trends of nail art. With the changing trends in nail art, we’re sharing a huge collection of latest 3D nail designing ideas. Be more sophisticated in making selection of nail patterns now, try some better nail accessories. Nail art has always been very dominant fashion, and 3D nail art has made it more easy and attractive. 3D nail art designs have always been easy to apply. We are sharing some 3D nail art designs for nail art freaks.

Floral 3D Nail Art Designs:

When we see blooming flowers and floral designs, the first thing which comes in mind are the months of spring and summer. Floral nail designs always looks classy and fabulous, but just because floral prints are not very common now doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to floral nails and nail art designs. Here are few awesome floral 3D nail art designs.

Funky 3D Nail Art Designs:

3D nail art designs always looks good. Fancy nail designs do look good but sometimes its good to have some funky stuff. Funky and colorful nail designs looks more attractive as compared to fancy ones. Here are some ideas for funky 3D nail art designs.

Black And White 3D Nail Art Designs:

If you like black and white color combinations then you should try it on your nails. Black and white always looks very elegant and classy. Black and white is an ever-green color combination. It always gives an attractive look. Here are some classy black and white 3D nail art designs.

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