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Black Wedding Gowns

Nov. 3, 2011 No Comments Posted under: Dresses, Trends

One of the world’s most influential bridal designers,Vera Wang is certainly no stranger to subverting current tradition, regularly designing wedding gowns that run the gamut of the colour chart in dove greys, pale mint or indeed black. This year though, the collection of pitch black lace was more notable than ever, with pale hues notable in their absence.


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Cool Beard Cap

Oct. 22, 2011 No Comments Posted under: Accessories, Trends

Creative beanie hat comes equipped with detachable and adjustable beard. It is made from 100% acrylic yarn, which means no itching and no scratching. With an adjustment range of 5.5 inches, Beardo will fit any size face. The foldaway design allows you to store the detachable beard inside the hat for when you desire a clean-shaven look.

Celebrity trendsetter Kim Kardashian teamed up with jewelry designer Pascal Mouwad to create a collection of of statement jewelry that is elegant, trendy, and affordable, called Belle Noel. The line reflects Kardashian’s personal style and finds inspiration in classic bombshells like Sophia Loren, Vivien Leigh, and Lauren Hutton.


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Dior’s Velvet Eyes

Sep. 26, 2011 No Comments Posted under: Accessories, Trends

Dior rocked the new Velvet Eyes Eyeliner Patches for Fashion’s Night Out. Major focal point on the eyes (faux diamond rhinestones and all!) with a flawless complexion. Dior Velvet Eyes are adhesive extreme eyeliner patches to stick onto the lids and create a really statement eye look.

Hoodie Light

Aug. 6, 2011 No Comments Posted under: Dresses, Trends

This is an exploration into textiles and electronics by Paula Kassenaar and Paula Segura Meccia. The front part of the hoodie is a knitted variable resistor. Its resistance varies when you toy with it. This changing resistance value is used to change the intensity of the light strip in the front edge of the hoodie.

Paper Eyelashes

Aug. 6, 2011 No Comments Posted under: Accessories, Beauty, Trends

Inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting, these delicately pretty and intricately cut paper eyelashes are so utterly exquisite. They come in a really neat little box with a display window and can be reused over and over again and they also make a fabulous and surprising gift and are just plain fun to wear. The designs come steeped in Chinese symbolic meaning with “Deer and Butterfly” meaning “free, sensitive and delicate”.