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Colorful Fruity Nail Art Ideas are so much fun to try this season. Tired of having other different themes of nail art? Just make some playful impression of refreshing and colorful fruits on nails. This is fairly easy to do and makes your nail look unique from others.

Colorful Fruity Nail Art Ideas

Fruity Orange nail art

Fruity red apple nail art

Colorful watermelon nail art


White Cherry nail art idea

Bright orange fruity nail art design

Fruity strawberry nail art

Bright lemon nail art idea

Colorful mixed fruit nail art idea

Fruity nail manicure idea

Kiwi fruit with watermelon nail art

Glittery Lemon nail art idea

Different 3d fruit nail art idea

Make Simple colorful fruit nail art that goes well with your taste and mind. Take an inspiration from the ideas shared here, as they are varied enough to provide you a good choice for it.

If not interested in making whole nail application then just give a try to Glittery fruit nail manicure idea,

Interesting Kiwi fruit nail art

Fruity nail art for long nails is for all those aiming to have some fruit fun on their long nails. Although these ideas are perfect choice for any kind of nail length or shape still we made some selection for long nails too.

Unique mixed fruit nail art design

Mixed red fruits nail art idea

Cute Strawberry fruit nail art

Strawberries are found to be very much famous for making different kind of fruity nail designs. The natural colors of these fruits make them even more favorite specially among young girls.

Fruity water melon nail art for short nails

Colorful Fruity Nail Art Ideas have got the natural essence of colorful fruits that when applied to nails create an enjoyable effect. Just go for these interesting nail designs you will surely like the results.


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