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Fashion Fill

Differently Designed Eyelashes Jewelry Ideas is made out of glass beads and wire. For this it is so light weight but very durable. It can be worn again and again using regular eyelash glue. The Eyelash Jewelry is funny enough to be worn as it is, to compliment a playful look, or part of a Lolita getup.

Differently Designed Eyelashes Jewelry Ideas

Cupcake inspired jewelry for eye lashes have got the beaded lashes in delicious cupcake pattern.

Floral inspired eyelashes jewelry makes such a pleasant effect to your eyes with such beautiful colors added in. This superb way of eye makeup has made a new verge of jewelry designing all over the world.

Cute heart pattern eyelashes jewelry

Funky teddy bear inspired eyelashes jewelry idea make the use of famous teddy bear theme in designing eyelashes. One might not have thought of this fun filled design. Try new jewelry inspired eyelashes for a makeup look of eyes.

Fruit inspired eyelashes idea

All these cutely designed eyelashes ideas are so much fun to use and at the same time serve to be very much reliable in application.

Differently Designed Eyelashes Jewelry Ideas are now getting very much famous due to their outstanding look. They are easy to apply and carry making no serious effect to your eyes. So add some interesting pieces of jewelry to you wardrobe specially for your eyes.

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