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Hennes and Mauritz Collection Spring 2012 lookbook has arrived and its full of all the on-trend pieces you’ll be wanting come next season: collarless blazers, asymmetric blouses, and skirts and dresses in punched-up hues. Accessories, too, look fresh — especially a pair of two-tone flat form slip-ons.

Hennes and Mauritz Collection Spring 2012

Bright yellow dress by H&M for spring 2012

Cool blue spring dress by H&M

Simple elegant white dress by H&M spring collection

Nice white sleeveless jacket by H&M for spring 2012 collection

Silk white blouse with bright orange coat and nicely printed skirt makes a perfect spring wear this season,

Skin white sleeveless dress for spring 2012 by H&M is yet another cool option for all the young girls.

Hennes and Mauritz Collection Spring 2012 offers a colorful Printed Loose kaftan shirt with straight trouser, another elegant choice to go for this season. This looks pretty cool and comfortable to wear in the season of colors and flowers added on the shirt.

Colorfully frilled sleeveless shirt by H&M 

Spring is majorly defined as season of yellow color, so here H&M makes no mistake in launching its new collection in this color range.

A very nicely designed white suit can be used by all office going ladies. The elegance of color and design in this dress offers to make a perfect choice for all working women.

A casual outfit in gray tone seems to be looking great for this spring. This dress has got a completely comfortable feel in it mostly required for any kind of outfit.

A violet colored loose sleeve dress with a purple cloth belt makes a vibrant look for the current season.

Hennes and Mauritz Collection Spring 2012 has really gone famous, for they complete all the required range of dresses. H&M has always made it for all kind of seasons and for all different traditions all over the world. This in turn makes the brand more social and famous worldwide.

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