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Interesting Jewelry Inspired by Consoles Games is now in the jewelry stores to introduce a new verge of style in jewelry designing. The entire range is created by Lizglizz a very famous shop. Lizglizz makes adorable geek jewelry from polymer clay. Lizglizz shop offers handmade jewelry with images of characters from famous consoles games.

Interesting Jewelry Inspired by Consoles Games

Cute chicken earrings by lizglizz is such a unique idea. One might not have thought of wearing chicken on ears but they are so cute that someone can choose them. They are basically based on a game Harvest moon, this makes another geeky bonus to buy them.

Nyan Cat necklace by lizglizz

Console game inspired Pikachu earings by lizglizz is yet another different idea to create some awesome piece of jewelry. The pokemon items and many other bright pieces of jewelry have made whole range very unique and inspiring.

Fun filled cute human earrings by lizglizz


Harvest moon inspired Maria Necklace by lizglizz

Among all these different game inspired interesting piece of jewelry items earrings are the most favorite ones. Specially created in shape of plants and the cute animations of objects usually seen in different console games have set the high customer demand.

Interesting Jewelry Inspired by Consoles Games contains new designed Mario game inspired Piranha earrings by lizglizz. These made of bright colors look extremely stunning on wearing, and are sure to add some unique effect on the outfit you pair it with. 

Polymer clay modeling is the basis of all these beautiful creations. These miniatures are well managed by the spirit and taste that is irresistibly geek. The price ranges are fairly affordable and sources say they are out of stock these days. The product entry in market was so amazing that they were sold like hot cakes on the stores and still have got very long lists of purchase orders.

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