When girls talk about handbags, the first thing many people think of is LV handbags. Women around the country will be trying on handbags from Louis Vuitton Outlet, which are always designed for luxury and elegant perfection. Their collection of LV bags positively provide classically-styles.
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Missoni Colorful  Collection for 2012 at Milan Fashion Week

Missoni showcased their Spring/Summer Collection on day five of Milan Fashion Week. From the vibrant the collection it is clear that salsa and fiesta dance was a heavy inspiration, as seen by the heavy bottom ruffles and rich colors. Take a look at some vibrant and colorful collection by Missoni for summer/spring 2012.    

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Chloe Perfume Necklace

Brand Fashion Chloe, the latest fragrance release. This time, Paris was released a brand origin unique perfume shaped necklace. Chloe Solid Perfume Necklace shaped like a necklace, with a spherical pendulum, which contains a solid perfume.

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Dior’s Velvet Eyes

Dior rocked the new Velvet Eyes Eyeliner Patches for Fashion’s Night Out. Major focal point on the eyes (faux diamond rhinestones and all!) with a flawless complexion. Dior Velvet Eyes are adhesive extreme eyeliner patches to stick onto the lids and create a really statement eye look.

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Handbags for Spring 2012 -London Fashion Week

London fashion week has shown some of the trendiest and finest collection of handbags for the spring 2012. Here are some of top handbags shown at LFW.                

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Panther Eyewear

Givenchy is introducing its own line of retro-inspired glasses for Fall 2011: the Panther collection. The frames feature little panthers on each temple piece. They are 50s inspired cateye glasses.The ’50s-inspired cateye glasses come in yellow, charcoal, plum, navy.        

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Hello Kitty Swarovski Collection

Hello Kitty has teamed up with Austrian crystal brand Swarovski for a special “House of Hello Kitty” event at Omotesando Hills in Tokyo. 31 special items for a special cause: purchasing anything from this collection will help benefit the Japanese Red Cross Tohoku earthquake relief!      

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Lipstick Heels

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Lipstick Heels

Alberto Guardiani combined fashion’s two sexiest accessories – red lipstick and black high heels for his collection. These Italian stylist’s lipstick heels collection is simply glamorous and definitely unique!

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Teen Awards 2011- Best Dressed Celebrity

  Country sensation Taylor Swift and actress/singer Selena Gomez caught major waves at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, with Swift scooping up six surfboard trophies including one for Ultimate Teen Choice. (Reuters)                        

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Paper Flower Rings

TT:NT has for us a simply cute little concept here that involves a little paper, a little cutting and folding, and a lot of giggles. These rings come in one full set (“All Year Rings”) or in singles, packaged as a birthday card (“Birthday Rings.”) : January – Carnation, February – Violet, March – Jonquil, […]

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Hoodie Light

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Hoodie Light

This is an exploration into textiles and electronics by Paula Kassenaar and Paula Segura Meccia. The front part of the hoodie is a knitted variable resistor. Its resistance varies when you toy with it. This changing resistance value is used to change the intensity of the light strip in the front edge of the hoodie.

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