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Piers Atkinson Crazy Head Wear Collection comes up to add some innovation of style to your hair.  Piers Atkinsons’ Fall / Winter 2011 / 2012 collection includes 33 outstanding designs of headbands, berets, beanies and skullcaps. Some of the headpieces come with over sized fruit shapes, showpieces and interesting forms of balaclava.

Piers Atkinson Crazy Head Wear Collection

Spiral rod head piece by Piers atkinson

Different styled head piece by Piers atkinson draws attention of all his admirers effectively with new and crazy head wear collection. All these ideas are formed with good taste of innovation and style.

Piers Atkinson Crazy Head Wear Collection  gathers some unique ideas applied to hair. The designer uses long artificial hair bands over the original hair making some unique look. Adding different colors to the artificial hair piece has awesomely formed crazy look.

Piers Atkinson Crazy Head Wear Collection  have also got bands headed with large fruit piece added on top. The idea of adding over sized fruit on head band is found to be very different yet interesting. All these balaclavas form a very glamorous inspiration of hair accessories.

This unusual head piece is just done with adding a piece of net cloth over your head band in a way that look stylish and superb. Here again Piers Atkinson manages to create some inspiring idea of head wear for his admirers.

There is another idea created by the famous milliner Piers Atkinson. Forming a pony tail shape hair piece added as head band over normal short hairs. This looks really creative and stylish on hair.

Piers Atkinson is well known hair band and head cap designer. He has always been inspired for his head wear creations and here again brought some superb collection in market. Take a look on these newly created head wears and make a choice for your next head piece.

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