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Sea Inspired Versace Bags and Shoes Collection for Spring/ Summer 2012 is in iridescent colors with sea shell and star prints. Shoes and bags were designed with the same theme in mind. Collection is decorated with beautiful prints and rivets, unusual chain handles and cute tassels. Besides, each handbags had Versace logo featured in front.

Sea Inspired Versace Bags and Shoes Collection

Star fish inspired Versace hand bag

Sea shell Inspired Versace cool white shoes

Sea horse inspired Versace hand bag with cute tassel and versace logo in front,

Sea-Inspired stylish versace white shoes

Sea-Inspired Versace stripped white shoes with cool transparent soul to support,

Sea-Inspired Versace white shoes are with comfortable large transparent soles, that is again an idea from the sea environment. The collection works greatly for all kind of different designed shoes

Sea-inspired versace white bag with gold hand chain has got its feel from various gems and stones in sea shells. All the items in this collection have got the stylish touch of latest fashion merged properly with different sea objects.

There is another Long metallic hand chain bag by Versace that has got the impression of sponges usually found in seas. The long hand chains with a tassel attached at bottom add to style of this unique piece.

Gold beaded Versace short hand bag is again another stylish accessory you can add to your collection.

Sea horse inspired hand bag by versace is quiet elegant and can be used for any kind of appearance. The collection is quiet useful and at the same time very much according to the newest tendencies of style.


Sea Inspired Versace Bags and Shoes Collection has provided with some unique ideas for mostly used fashion accessories. Now a days people have become equally conscious for all different accessories apart from costumes. So this collections focuses well the need of the current trends.

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