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Top 5 Nail Polish Brands 2014

It is not easy to decide that which nail polish we want. Market is full of many different labels but it is not always clear which are the best nail polish brands for us. Before we decide which is the best, we have to decide what is best for us, are we concerned about price, or durability? And above all of course, is it awesome? Quality of nail polish is very important, nail polish of a good quality can be recognized at first sight. Here you will find best and top 5 nail polish brands 2014.

OPI Nail Polish:

One of the most successful nail care brands in the world, OPI are widely bought by professionals and consumers because of their high quality nail treatments, and beautiful nail polishes. This nail polish is expensive but it lasts much longer than other nail polishes without chipping. OPI has huge collection of colors and is considered as the best nail polish brand.

Chine Glaze Nail Polish:

This polish is salon quality, has amazing colors and doesn’t chip. China Glaze is the leading brand in the Professional Nail Lacquer and Treatment industry. The brand offers a huge collection of long-lasting nail colors and provides you the essential nail treatments at a great value. The brand is dedicated to nail technicians with globally appealing, on-trend, high quality nail lacquers and treatments.

Orly Nail Polish:

Orly nail polishes are also considered as best nail polishes. Most of the professionals use the same nail polishes. Orly nail polish lasts much longer than other nail polishes without chipping. They also have extensive, up to date color range collections for every season.

Maybelline Nail Polish:

Maybelline nail polishes are one of the most awesome nail polishes so far. You’ll love it because of its quality, you’ll love it because it doesn’t chip and it gives a fresh look even for a week and above all you’ll love it because of its easy flow brush. The brand has an up to date collection of nail colors.

DMGM Nail Polish:

DMGM nail polishes are also counted as most fabulous nail polishes. it is considered as nail polish of choice among many top salons and celebrity stylists, has been winning even more praise and recognition for its healthy, long wearing formula.

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